Alison, the middle child was born in 1986. After high school she went to community college in Santa Rosa where she studied for three years. In 2009 Alison followed her love of art to  New York where she graduated from Pratt Institute of Art in 2012. 

After graduation Alison began working as a head designer for Breakmark Ultimate Apparel. She moved to Massachusetts just outside of Boston with boyfriend Shaun in 2013. She changed design companies and is now working for VC Ultimate.

When they are not working Alison and Shaun are playing Ultimate Frisbee. Both the teams they have been on in the last two years made it to Nationals in Texas.

Alison may across the country experiencing real snowy winters, but she returns home to the farm as often as she can. When she is able to make the trip she helps out on the farm. Alison is our go-to artist for the labels, the website and everything else that needs a creative touch.


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