San Francisco CSA
We assist Live Power Farm with their CSA in San Francisco. During the winter season, Good Humus provides fruit and veggies. During the Summer season, Good Humus provides a Fruit share. If you are interested in joining, please visit their website:

You can also go directly to the Winter Season sign up page, or the Summer Season sign up page
Drop Location: McAllister and Gough   


For Continuing Members


Payment Options:

You may continue your CSA deliveries by using one of the following three options. We ask that no matter what option you choose, please still send us the form you got in your last box telling us your name, address, drop location. If you would like to email the form to us instead, download it here. On the form, please indicate which payment option you would like


  ---- Mail us a check with the form you got in your box

  ---- Email us the form, and we will send you an invoice using PayPal

  ---- Pay with PayPal now and email or mail us the form.



Subscribe To Monthly Payments
Payments can be made monthly, but members are asked to sign up for the full quarter (Three Months)

Box Options**              

Pay For the Whole Quarter
One time payment for 12 weeks of deliveries

Box Options           

**Fruit boxes are not available during the spring quarter.
**Flowers are not available in the winter quarter and the first half of the spring quarter


For First Time Members

1.   Call or email the farm to see where we are in the quarter. (payment amount will depend on this)
            Call (530) 787-3187 or Email to get started!!
2.   Fill out THIS FORM and mail or email it to us.
3.   Payment options. (check on on the form above)
            We can send an invoice via PayPal
            or you can send us a check. (address on form above)
4.   Print quick instructions on receiving your box.