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August 8, 2017 


What’s in this Week’s Veggie Box & Fruit Bag:

VEGGIE BOX: Eggplant, Summer Squash, Heirloom Tomatoes, Potatoes, O’Henry Peaches, Shishito Peppers, Green Peppers and Rosemary

FRUIT BAG: Grapes, Apples, O’Henry Peaches and Adriatic Figs.





Fall quarter begins in just a few weeks. The summer is flying buy-we usually send out notices 3 weeks in advance, but with the Peach Party we forgot to send out renewal forms last week. Please fill out the attached form and send it back with your payment. Please send it back via e-mail or snail mail it really helps us keep your orders straight, and also if you are not planning to continue please let us know. The price is as follows

Veggies $220 Fruit $195 Bread $40 Flowers $105


NEW DELIVERY SITE IN EAST DAVIS- we have a new delivery site in Davis at the Strelitzia Florist Shop in East Davis-If this site is more convenient for you please let us know and we can switch you over or if you know someone that lives in that area that would be interested in getting a CSA box let them know. Strelitzia do close at 6pm so you would need to pick up before that or on Wednesday morning.



This Week on the Farm

The Peach Party is an event that happens in the middle of the summer harvest. It is kinda crazy that we put together this hug event during our busiest time. The origin of the party 25 years ago was to celebrate the purchase of this land-a good reason to party! My ancestors are also Swiss, and I can remember the bonfires on the hills tops celebrating their independence day on the first day of August (1499). So it is a bit of history, but a lot to do with our farm’s history and our annual peach harvest. To give thanks for the amazing fact that the peach trees produce fruit every year no matter what. It may be a light harvest, or a heavy harvest, but always something for us to share. And then thanks for you, our CSA members who support us no matter if there are peaches or not, who are there season in season out that keeps this farm with a purpose and running. Thanks for the Coops and stores that purchase from us that also make it possible for us to pay our bills. Thanks to our community of friends that support us

through thick and thin sharing ideas, equipment or seeds, commiserating together, and laughing together.

And thanks to our crew that also make it possible to get your boxes filled, orders picked and packed-without them we would be up a creek for sure. All of you make our world go round and we thank you for that!


This year’s party was quite amazing to see all the young children having fun-we actually set up a front yard play area with the bathtub full of water, a kid’s swimming pool, and apple bobbing. We have a batch of kitties that of course were handled, fondled and loved by the kids too. The evening circle gets bigger every year, and it quite amazes me the amount of people that come that we don’t know-I asked a few folks how they heard about a the festival and they said…facebook!


CREDITS-I also want to thank those that realize how much it takes to put the peach party together and come out to help. The week before the party I told the family that I needed as much help as I can get, and to play hooky from any of their outside jobs that they could…any the did! Daniel Claire’s boyfriend was here working all day Friday and Saturday washing windows, putting the tents up, stashing the junk piles along with Claire. Zach’s friend Max came and they moved hay bales, made tables from plywood, doing ice runs-starting grill fires, cooking pizzas in the earthen oven all afternoon, and grilling lamb all evening. Max, Bella, Carrie and Mathew come almost every event and give us their weekends to set up, clean up, make pies, get the apple press ready for squeezing juice. Max spent all of one day picking up my garden weed piles and mowing. He puts the weeds in our compost pile-and I had to comment in that he watered the pile as he deposited the weeds. Not many folks know how important that is, and I didn’t even have to remind him to do it. Rhonda and Dan come every year and have become the king and queen of the peach salsa making-I have the ingredients for them and they just set up and start chopping. Marguerite and Neil came Friday night with grandkids in tow-and helps us chop the 10 pounds of garlic for the lamb marinade-that job happens from about 7-11 on Friday night after dinner-then they stayed until Sunday and washed most all of the dishes that were all over the place. They also organized the peach beer-their son just opened a new brewery in Davis called Dunloe Brewing on Olive Drive. I think you can get our Peach beer there when they are open on the weekends-ya better check them out. And many of you, our CSA members came to enjoy the day. There is no RSVP so we never know how many folks will attend-and it is so wonderful to see a full circle in the yard of folks enjoying the peachy party. Have a great week~Annie

    This Weeks Newsletter

July 28, 2015