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July 11, 2017


What’s in this Box this Week’s:


VEGGIE BOX: Kale, Cherry Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Potatoes, Cucumbers, Garlic and Broccoli

FRUIT BAG: Plums, Peaches, and a Watermelon


All Peachy Party

We have had Peach Beer for the last 5 years or so, but this year our brew master changed his ways, and is no longer brewing. So we have been on the search for someone to make our Peach Beer for the All  peachy party, and Saturday at the market I think one of our CSA customers solved our problem-her son is starting a business and will be our next Brew Master! YEAH!!!!


WHEN: August 5

Family activities from 2-6

Giving Thanks Circle 6

Dinner and Dancing 6-11

This event is free and open to all, but we do encourage donations for the food and libations

And please bring your own dinner ware and blankets to sit on-and leave your pets at home

We sure hope you all will come out and join us!!!!!

Order your Peach Pie or a Box of Peaches

We are once again making special Peach Party peach pie or will have cases of peaches that you can take home for your enjoyment. Let us know your order ahead of time if you would like a pie, we will be baking on Friday just for you!  Just give us a call or e-mail with your order!
Pies $30

Box of Peaches $30


This Week on the Farm


               What can I tell you today? What story can I tell you that is different than last week, or last year. I can tell you that I am getting old and yesterday picked up my first pair of glasses -trifocals! The optometrist said that my house will look much dirtier than ever-I already know that. But while waiting for my glasses to come in I have been looking at people that wear glasses, and they are of all ages my daughters included wear glasses-so as long as I can read my escape books on Sunday without squinting then I am happy to wear glasses. I will just need to get adjusted to them, and not put them down, or in my back pocket while cutting flowers, or let them drop in the compost pile ( like I have done with so many pairs of my reading glasses).


               As I was writing a song come to mind…..And the seasons they go round and round. And the painted ponies go up and down. We're captive on the carousel of time. We can't return we can only look behind from where we came, and go round and round and round in the circle game. Sometimes I feel that it is not a carousel I am on but a dragons tail holding on for dear life of summer, and the painted ponies come in shapes and colors of zucchini, peaches, eggplants and plums, with the harvest going up and down, in and out, thick and thin. And if I look back I can see that I always do hold on to that dragon’s tail, and slide off of it at the end of the summer season, shook up yet all in one piece. While on the ride it is hard to remember the slide is coming. Every season is different from the last, yet always the same- they come and they go with a new twist, new challenges, or yet maybe the same challenges that we still have not figured out yet. This year it has been a bumpy, scaly dragoon, the weather has been a challenge that has no solution. We just take what comes, which has brought a very light apricot and peach crop. It has extended the flower harvest-we cut snapdragons last week-in JULY, they usually never go beyond father’s day. Late plantings for our second summer squash, cucs and beans. We still have pumpkins and winter squash to plant, and then it is time to move onto the fall veggies. Ali and I are putting in our last summer flower plantings of zinnias, marigolds, amaranth and sunflowers, and then need to quickly turn around and start planning seeds for the spring flowers-just as the first planting of globe amaranth, marigolds, statice and lisiantus are just starting.


                And while all that is going up and down, in and out harvest and market, there are the people of the farm, also going up and down, and in circles. Dancing around each other as we work, side stepping grumpiness, acknowledging work well done, or trying to figure out how to say when something is not quite up to norm. I have never worked in an office with other people, and I can see that it is like a family or small community that takes constant care. Now that it is more than just Jeff and I working together it is more complicated, more personalities to work with. I get called out when I’m snappy, or I can see my indecisiveness clearly when in the past there was no one around to point it out to me-or Jeff would make the decision for me. I think more than anything what it does is give me a perspective of myself that I didn’t see before, or hear my words as I snap out a comment. It is hard to see the new view, yet I think it is really helpful, because I really don’t want to be that grumpy old grandma lady with an attitude. And I think taking time away from each other is helpful too. This last Saturday Jeff surprised me and came back into the market, helped me clean up and then we went out to lunch. He suggested we go to a movie and stay in town for the night-Claire and her boy friend Daniel came in and we had drinks together-wow that is novel! Jeff left early in the morning to do his Sunday squash harvest, after we had a nice leisurely breakfast out, revisited and recreated our dreams of where the farm is, and going. I stayed a bit longer and rented a bike and did a complete circuit of the arboretum, and then went swimming. These are things that we rarely do and it was such a treat-even though it was not some far remote exotic island, it was so great to have a change, be together without the farm forces hovering over us. Our days are programmed for us, not much change from day to day, so when Jeff suggested a night away if was an offer I could not refuse.


~Have a great week, enjoy your painted pony ride as we go round and round in the circle game of life. And may the force of grumpiness evaporate with the summer sun~Annie



    This Weeks Newsletter

July 28, 2015