In an ideal world,

A world we might well inhabit one day…

We will not have to’ preserve’ or ‘protect’ land

Because we will have learned what is means to be good stewards.

                                                              -Terry Tempest Williams


One day Jeff and I dreamed of what would be a mature Good Humus Farm; we felt that the following was what would help create a sustainable farm that could continue from generation to generation…


v  Farm family has security of farming the land

v  Farm family has an affordable housing

v  Enough land to secure income for two families

v  Farm worker housing

v  30-40 acres

v  1/2 of farm in planted to perennial (fruit trees, vines ect.)

v  10-20% of land is in native habitat

v  farm animals to further the closing the loop of the farm  inputs and outputs/fertilizer production

v  Energy production on farm power/generation on the farm for the farm

v  Educational infrastructure (shower, kitchen, bathroom) for Educational program -conference room

v  Must have support from its local community that is committed to the farm

v  seed production

v  feed production for farm animals

v  reduction of transportation or produce bio fuel

v  farm ownership- transition process to the next generation


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Driving Directions
We Are Creating An Agricultural Easement

   An agricultural easement is a legally binding way to ensure our farm remains a farm for generations to come.

   This easement is the first of its kind in Yolo County, the second in Northern California, and one of only a handful of similar efforts in the United States.
Why We Have Made An Easement Our Goal
   In an era where family farmers in California and across the nation are struggling to hold on to their farms, Good
Humus has chosen a path we believe can be a model for other farms in California and beyond. This path unites
family farms with their local communities in a partnership committed to stewardship of agricultural lands in
accordance with sustainable and environmentally sound practices.

   Our community and our farm are partnering by putting an agricultural easement on our farm. To do this, a publicly
funded land trust purchases the nonagricultural value of our property. Legally binding restrictions are then placed
on the farm's deed which ensures that the land will be kept in active farming use, will be farmed with
environmentally responsible methods, and will be valued solely on the basis of its agricultural value in the
establishment of any future resale price.