Zachary is the oldest of the three children,born in 1984. After graduating high school Zach travelled to New Zealand and Ireland to see some of the world. Zach then began working for Four Hands Construction in 2004. He worked for three years, using his talents to build beautiful custom homes. In 2006, he went into the fire service. After he completed the fire academy, he began working for Cal Fire where he continues to work today. He recently became an engineer.

Zach has a passion for construction and design. He helped Jeff Main build the farm house that the family currently lives in, as well as adding his own touches to the house he currently own with his wife Nicole.

Zach met his wife Nicole in High school Sophomore year.

Nicole found her love of making and decorating cakes after high school and working in the pastry section of Nugget Market. She quit Nugget in 2010 and began her own business, CakesDoneWright, making beautiful, organic cakes for every occasion.

Zach and Nicole were married at the farm in 2010.


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